Golden Gentle Yoga

You're never too old to reap the rewards of yoga. For seniors who are looking for a safe, effective way to enhance their physical health and overall wellness, the stretching, breathing, and meditation practices of yoga can be a great solution. Doing yoga regularly can result in a host of benefits for older adults, from greater flexibility and improved balance to lower stress and better sleep.


Golden yoga is a form of exercise created specifically for people with pre-existing health conditions or elderly people prevented from doing regular yoga. This practice provides all the benefits of regular yoga with a lower risk of injury and less strain on bones and joints.


Golden Yoga is a perfect starter exercise that can give you mobility, a fuller range of motion, and balance, perhaps even an intro into regular forms of yoga. With that in mind, you are probably wondering what kind of benefits it can give you.

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Class Location

All classes will take place at my home

86 Short Rd, Arnprior (behind Arnprior Chrysler)