Tune Up Balls

Tune Up Balls are designed for trigger point, pressure point, self myofascial release. Use them separately or together as a peanut ball for pain relief and relaxation. Remember, it doesn't have to hurt to work!

Soft-tissue conditioning to put your health in your own hands. Live better, prevent injury and perform at your best.

Even more effective than foam rollers, they can be used to target specific trigger points and high-tension areas in your body. Their grippy texture helps with precision, so you can effectively release tension and relieve various aches and pains ranging from neck stiffness to plantar fasciitis.

We explore the therapeutic magic of Yoga Tune-Up balls, which serve as hand therapy, foot massage tools, and tension relievers. These sessions enhance mobility, release knots, and soothe the nervous system. To attend, please register in advance, ensuring a harmonious space for all.

The Yoga Tune-Up balls work as an excellent calf massager, back knots remover, & provide neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis relief. We use the YTU® therapy balls and myofascial release techniques to roll out and release muscles and connective tissue. This allows us to calm the nervous system, reduce tension, eliminate pain, and increase mobility. 

Carry your whole kit to the yoga or when you travel. There are endless ways to use the Therapy Balls for self-healing, pain relief, exercise warm-up and recovery.

Register for a Tune-Up Ball session

The next Tune-Up Ball session is planned for July 11th, from 7-8:30 PM. The cost of the class is $35. You will need to purchase a set of Tune-Up Balls from Carlee as well for $75.

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Class Location

All classes will take place at my home

86 Short Rd, Arnprior (behind Arnprior Chrysler)